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What Is Computer-Aided Design (CAD)?

Computer-Adided Design or simply CAD is a computer technology that computer programs, applications, and resources are used to create, update, evaluate a design which is generally a graphical design in different types.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Types

Computer-Aided Design can be accomplished with different types of software according to the design aim. In general, the following categories can be used for CAD classification.

  • 2D CAD is the process of designing and creating a design that has only 2 spaces x and y coordinates like a 2D movie. This is the most basic and easy type of CAD.
  • 3D CAD is the process of designing and creating a design that has only 3 spaces x, y and z coordinates like a 3D movie or real life. This type of CAD design is far harder to create according to 2D CAD Design.
  • 3D CAD Surface Modelling is the process of detailing the surfaces of the 3D object which has been already designed.
  • Solid Modelling is the process of modeling solid object like a real-life object.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Advantages

A design can be done by using different methods wherein the old-time hand made design was defacto standard. With the advancement of computers, the design also changed and special applications are created to help the design processes. Computer-Aided Design has a lot of advantages over other types of designs which are listed below.

  • Designs can be updated without erasing and redrawing.
  • The design can be zoomed with CAD easily.
  • 3D designs can be easily created.
  • 3D design can easily be rotated on any axis without a problem in a fast way.
  • Viewing a CAD is easy to view and showcase from different angles and axis.
  • Ready o use components can be used without the need to recreate them.
  • Creating designs are a lot easier and faster.
  • Sharing CAD design is very easy which can be published using the internet or sent to specific people via email.
  • Copying CAD design is very easy where the design file can be copy and pasted or cloned via CAD software.
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What Is CAD Software?

What makes CAD so advantageous is the CAD software. CAD Software is used to create, update, change, view, publish CAD designs. CAD software provides a very complex GUI for designing. Below we can see the popular CAD software named AutoCAD GUI.

AutoCAD CAD Software GUI and Parts
  1. This part is the menu that provides access to all features, screens of the AutoCAD.
  2. This part is the tools that provide the tools which are used during design.
  3. This part is the Object Properties where the created objects properties are listed and can be changed.
  4. This part is the GUI view of the design.
  5. This part is the navigation pane where the GUI view of the design can be navigated easily for x,y, and z-axis.

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software List

CAD is a popular technology and area used by a lot of professionals. CAD software is the heart of the CAD and before starting a design the CAD software is should be selected and some basic knowledge about the software will be very beneficial. Below we will list some popular and useful CAD software that is paid or free.

ThinkerCAD is beginner level CAD software where it is created by AutoDesk which is also the creator of the AutoCAD. ThinkerCAD is provided without a fee for starters to design basic models and shapes.

ThnikerCAD CAD Software

FreeCAD is a completely free parametric 3D modeling tool which is an opensource project. FreeCAD can be used to design real-life objects easily with little or beginner level knowledge.

FreeCAD CAD Software

BlocksCAD is a beginner level tool that is specifically created for educational purposes. It provides some programming and algorithm blocks without any programming language experience. BlocksCAD is used without a fee.

BlocksCAD CAD Software

Creo is a paid CAD designed software which is developed by Parametric Technology Corporation for more than 30 years. It provides real-world attributes like thermal, structural, motion, parametric, etc.

Creo CAD Software

Fusion 360 is cloud-based 3D CAD Software. It provides the processing power and functionality via a cloud-based solution. All the changes are automatically stored on the cloud for future inspection or revert. Fusion 360 is an intermediate level CAD software where in order to use it some fee should be paid. Fusion 360 is also an AutoDesk product.

Fusion 360 CAD Software

Solidworks is a professional level 3d CAD software. It provides a wide range of features like design validation tools or reverse engineering etc. It is a product of Dassault Systemes. It is a paid software.

Solidworks CAD Software

AutoCAD is the most popular and well-known CAD software used by millions of people. It is created by AutoDesk and provides professional-level features like 3D and 2D design. AutoCAD requires some fee to use.

AutoCAD CAD Software

CATIA is a CAD and CAM used for design and manufacturing. It is created by Dassault Aviation for its own needs and then becomes of the shelf product. It is professional level CAD software that has a license fee to be used.

CATIA CAD Software

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