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What Is DLL (Dynamic Link Library) File?

Dynamic Link Library or DLL is a term used to describe the shared library concept on the Microsoft platforms. DLL is a technology and file format created to pack libraries in an easily share and useable format by Microsoft. DLL files generally have the *.dll file extensions in general bu .ocx and *.drv can be used for different cases. Also, DLL files have application/vnd.microsoft.portable-executable MIME or internet media type.

Wath Is DLL?

DLL files are also named as Shared Libraries because they provide some code that can be shared by multiple executables or processes in the same type without duplicating the library. Actually the name dynamic link library explains the concept or the DLL files very well. These files are library files that can contain libraries, codes, images, data, and different resources that can be linked or used by other applications dynamically multiple times without extra effort.

DLL files are different then executable or *.exe files. Executable files can be run directly but the DLL files should be important and called by another executable file which is an indirect way.

DLL Advantages

Before the DLL files emerge there was different mechnisms in order to use libraries and resources. DLL files introduced following advantages.

Less Resources Usage : In generaly a lot of different executable files oor programs requires popular libraries to run. DLL files are design to be used without duplication and single DLL files can be used byy muktiple applications efficiently.

Modular Architecture : DLL helps to create modular applications where single library can be used different components and linked easily.

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Ease Deployment and Installation: DLL makes it possible to update the executable file or programming update easily just updating the executable file without change any DDL file or update DLL file without modifying the executable files and programs.

DLL Types

There is two type of DLL file: Load-time Dynamic Linking and Run-time Dynamic Linking

DLL Errors

DLL files are very popular with the DLL Errors. As DLL files are heavily used in Windows operating systems a lot of different type of errors occurs about them. Below we will list and explain some of the most popular DLL errors.

Missing DDL or Not Found DLL file is the most popular error which is result of non existing DLL file of the DLL file version is not compatible and different then the executable file expecting.

Common DLL Files

Windows platform and operating system contains a lot of DLL files but some of them are using by a lot of different executables and programs. Below we will list some of the common DLL files.

msf42u.dll is the Microsoft Foundation Class library which requires Windows applications to run properly. It is used by Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 heavily and located under the operating system System32 directory like C:\Windows\System32 .

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