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What Is Form Factor In Computing?

Form Factor is a term used in IT or computing. Form Factor is used to specify the size, physical attributes, arrangements of a device, computer, case or computer part.

Form Factor

Form Factor can be used in different devices. Even the form factor is generally used to describe the computer/server mainboard or motherboard type there are different usages for the form factor. We can also use the form factor for the USB, RAM, Disk Drives, etc.

Mainboard/Motherboard Form Factors

Well, the most known usage for the form factor is computer mainboards or motherboards. The form factor for the motherboard is used to specify the size, socket layout of the motherboard. Here the list of the popular motherboard form factors.

ATX or Full ATX Form Factor Motherboard

ATX or Full ATX Form Factor Motherboard

  • AT or Full AT is the first modern form factor for desktop and IBM computers. It is replaced with ATX and Baby AT
  • ATX or Full ATX is the most popular form factor and currently used by most of the desktop computers. The recent version of ATX is 2.2 which is released in 2004.
  • Baby AT is designed as a replacement for Full AT. But currently, it is obsolete.
  • BTX
  • DTX
  • ITX
  • LPX
  • Micro-ITX
  • miroATX or mATX is 9.6×9.6 inch in general where 6.75×6.75 in small. It is generally used terminal systems and size restricted situations.
  • Mobile-ITX
  • NLX
  • Pico-ITX

Laptop Form Factors

Another popular form of factor usage is for laptops. In recent years the different size of laptops has emerged to the market with different form factors.

  • Ultrabook form factor laptop is thin and light where it has charming design with long battery time with lesser performance.
Ultrabook Form Factor

Ultrabook Form Factor

  • Netbook,  is a small, light, low-power laptop with less processing power. A netbook is mainly designed for low-cost low-performance cases.
Netbook Form Factor

Netbook Form Factor

  • Convertible form factor is designed generally business-related usage with 360-degree convertible screen part which can be used as a screen or monitor to make presentations and tablet-like experience. It can also provide a touch screen with a stylus.
Convertible Form Factor

Convertible Form Factor

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