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What Is Fullscreen?

Fullscreen is a term used in computing that was currently used program, applications, or window occupies the computer screen completely. Fullscreen usage will maximize the given program, application, or window, and not other applications, programs, or windows will be visible.

Benefits Of Fullscreen

Fullscreen is designed to provide some benefits to the users. Here are some use cases and benefits of fullscreen usage.

  • Larger View of a specific part of the screen.
  • Viewing more areas of the applications or graphics.
  • Listing more components.
  • Focusing on the application without an interception.

Alternatives To The Fullscreen Mode

Making YouTube Fullscreen

YouTube is a popular video site that provides different types of interesting videos. Youtube application provides a bottom-down right corner of the video screen which will make youtube fullscreen.

Making YouTube Fullscreen

Making Google Chrome Fullscreen

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. Google Chrome can be used in fullscreen mode easily which will increase effectiveness and efficiency. We can make Google Chrome from the Chrome menu and the square icon like below. Alternatively, the keyboard shortcut F11 can be used to directly make fullscreen.

Google Chrome Fullscreen

We will see Google Chrome in fullscreen like below. We can see that there is no tab list, address bar.

Google Chrome In Fullscreen

Making Mozilla Firefox Fullscreen

Mozilla Firefox is another popular web browser which can be used in fullscreen mode. We will use the Firefox menu sign which resides the upper-right corner and then select two-sided arrow-like below. Alternatively, we can use the F11 keyboard shortcut without a problem.

Mozilla Firefox Fullscreen

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