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What Is GZ File Type or Extension? How To Create, Extract and Open Gz File?

gz or GZ files are compressed files using gzip algorithm or a related application. gz is natively created for Linux and Unix but currently supports all major operating systems like Windows, MacOS, BSD etc.

Programs Those Can Open GZ Files

In this part we will provide the applications or programs those can be open, create, extract GZ files.


  • File Viewer Plus
  • Corel WinZip
  • WinRAR
  • 7-Zip
  • PeaZip


  • gzip
  • 7zip
  • Ark
  • PeaZip
  • Xarchive


  • Smith Micro Stuffit Deluxe 16
  • Incredible Bee Archiver
  • Apple Archive Utility

List GZ Files Attributes


We can use command line native gzip command in order to list gz for the following attributes.

  • File Contents
  • Compressed File Size
  • Uncompressed File Size
  • Compression Ratio

We will use gzip command with the -l option like below.

$ gzip -l exec.c.gz


Windows operating system provides a lot of files to list gz file attributes. Some applications which can be used are WinZip, RAR, 7zip, etc. In this example, we will use 7zip. We will right-click to the gz file and then hover over 7z and then click Open archive.

Open GZ File In Windows with 7zip

We will click to the Info which will open Properties screen.

Open GZ File In Windows with 7zip

In properties screen, we will get the following information.

  • Uncompressed File Size
  • Compressed File Size
  • Folder Count
  • File Count
  • CRC info
  • Path
  • Compression Type
  • Header Size

Create GZ File

Creating gz file is very easy for both Linux and Windows operating systems.


We will use gz command and provide the file name. After compression is completed a gz extension file will be created.


In Windows, we will use 7zip tool like below.Rigth Click->7-Zip->Add to archive

Create GZ File In Windows with 7zip

We will create the gz file by selecting gzip as Archive format.

Create GZ File In Windows with 7zip

Extract GZ File


We can open existing gz file with the gunzip command like below.

$ gunzip exe.c.gz


In Windows Right Click->7-Zip->Extract Here

Extract GZ File In Windows with 7zip

Tar.gz Files

Especially in Linux and Unix environments tar.gz is a very popular file extension. Tar is used to make a list of files a single file where gzip can easily compress the single file.

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