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What Is IDE (Integrated Development Environment)?

Integrated Development Environment simply IDE is a tool used to develop applications in an easy, fast, and reliable way. There is a lot of different IDE for different programming languages, platforms, and operating systems.

IDE Features

Different types of IDE’s provide different features. Here will provide some of the popular features provided by an average IDE.

  • Integrated Tools will provide programming and scripting language tools in an integrated manner which makes use of them very easy.
  • Intelligent Code Editor will provide coding helpers like errors, warnings to help auto code completion.
  • Smart Code Navigation will provide easily navigate and trace code in big projects with a lot of files and folders with sub-projects.
  • Compiler will provide the compilation where the given programming language needs.
  • Debugger will provide debugging and check the compiled binaries run.
  • Refactoring will run refactoring during code development and provide suggestions.
  • Different Programming and Scripting Language Support will make the IDE complete by supporting multiple related programming and scripting languages that can reside in a single project.
  • Interactive Console will provide an interactive shell or console to issue commands related to the project and get the output in a terminal manner.
  • Version Control will provide versioning code and making it easy to track changes.
  • Plugins will provide a lot of useful features as an extra to the existing IDE.

IDE Components

In this part, we will learn basic components provided by IDE. We will use PyCharm as IDE as en example.

IDE Components
IDE Components
  • Project Tab resides in the left line which lists current project resources like code file, libraries, DLLs, scripts, and executables.
  • Terminal resides on the bottom of the IDE where there is a cursor blinking and waiting for command input. The output also printed to this console.
  • Code Editor is located in the main pane where the Python code can be seen.
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We can also see other components in the main menu like Refactor, Tools, Code, View, etc.

IDE Components
IDE Components

Popular IDE List

There is a lot of different IDE related to different programming languages. In this part, we will list some of the popular.


Visual Studio, Code::Blocks, CLion, Dev-C++,CodeLite, Eclipse

C#, Visual Basic

Visual Studio, MonoDevelop, SharpDevelop


Visual Studio, Atom, WebStorm, PHPStorm, Eclipse


Netbeans, PhpStorm, Zend Studio, Eclipse


PyCharm, IDLE, Eclipse, Atom

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