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What Is Lambda?

Lambda is a generic term used to define different things in computing. But its name comes from the Greek letter. But today some terms in computing create named after the lambda sign. Amazon Lambda is a SAAS service where Python lambda is an operator.


Amazon Lambda (Serverless Compute)

Amazon Lambda is a serverless compute service where users can use this service to make computing without provisioning and managing servers and virtual machines. .The compute time is calculated for the price of the Amazon Lambda service. Amazon Lambda can run any application, programming language, platform, framework.

Python Lambda Operator

Python Lambda is a special function that is named as an anonymous function. A lambda can be used to create a function without a name and store only a single expression. Python lambda can accept multiple parameters.

x = lambda a: a + 10


C++ Lambda Expression

C++ programming language also provides the lambda expression which is very similar to the PYthon lambda. It is work as anonymous function in C++ where we can send single or multiple parameters and return values. C++ lambda expression can contain multiple expressions which is different from the Python.

auto glambda = [](auto a, auto&& b) { return a < b; };

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