Simulink is a block diagram environment for multidomain simulation and Model-Based Design for MATLAB software. Simulink supports system-level design, simulation, automatic code generation, and continuous test and verification of embedded systems. Simulink is integrated with MATLAB and works with MATLAB in an integrated way where it can use MATLAB algorithms and export to MATLAB for further analysis.

Simulink Use Cases

Simulink can be used in different areas like below.

  • It can be used for `Rapid Prototyping` which will create a prototype with fewer resources and time.
  • Simulink can be used for `Model-Based Controller Design` which will create some model and use it for controller design.
  • Simulink can be used for `Development of Complex Control Structures` which will provide a lot of units that will create the control structures.
  • Simulink can be used for `Hardware-in-the-loop Emulation of Critical System Components`
  • It can be used for `Design of Measured Value Filters`.
  • Simulink can be used for `Statistical Data Analysis`

Simulink Benefits

By using the Simulink tool we will get the following benefits.

  • `Accelerated Development Cycles`
  • `Increased Productivity`
  • `Documented and Reusable Process Knowledge`
  • `Optimized Controller Parameters`
  • `ExtensiveFunction Libraries`
  • `Numerous Evaluation Options`
  • `Intuitive Operation`

Simulink Wireless Communications

We can use Simulink for Wireless Communication which will reduce development time, eliminate design problems early and streamline testing and verification.  We can provide algorithm and system design concepts with simulation and over-the-air signals. We can create and generate customizable waveforms for the 5G, LTE, WLAN.  Create models using digital, RF,  and antenna elements to explore and optimize system behavior. We can automate the analysis of lar-scale field test and visualize simulation tests and results.

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Simulink Power Electronics Control Design

We can also use Simulink for Power Electronics Control Design where we can develop digital control systems for motors, power converters, and battery systems.  By using Simulink the project time can be reduced up to 50% compared to traditional hand coding and testing on hardware. Simulink provides thousands of ready-to-use electric modeling components and examples for desktop simulation. By using add-on boxes for control design, fixed-point design, signal processing, and certification. We can also generate ANSI C and processor-optimized C and HDL code for multiple leading microcontrollers, FPGAs, and SoCs.

Simulink Control Systems

Simulink can be used by the Control system Engineers at all stages of the development. Simulink can provide a multi-domain block diagram environment for modeling plant dynamics, designing control algorithms, and running closed-loop simulations.

Simulink Signal Processing

We can use Simulink for model and simulate digital signal processing systems. Simulink provides a range of test signals and waveforms, collections of filters types and architectures, and scopes for dynamic visualization.

Simulink Robotics

Simulink can be used to develop controllers using blocks for ground vehicles, manipulators, ROS access and collecting and analyzing sensor data. We can connect to and control our robot with the algorithms we develop. We can develop hardware-agnostic algorithms and connect to the Robot Operating System for both ROS and ROS2. We can also send control signals or analyze many types of data to the sensors and actuators. Simulink eliminates hand-coding by automatically generating code for FPGAs, PLCs, and GPUs in different programming languages.

Simulink Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Simulink also supports Advanced Driver Assistance Systems to design automated driving system functionality. This functionality can be sensing, path planning and sensor fusion and controls. We can develop perception systems using prebuilt algorithms, sensor models, and apps for computer vision, lidar and radar processing, and sensor fusion. Design controls systems and model vehicle dynamics in a 3D environment using fully assembled reference applications. We can test and verify systems by authoring driving scenarios using synthetic sensor models. We can also plan driving paths by designing and using vehicle cost maps, and motion-planning algorithms.

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Simulink Image Processing and Computer Vision

MATLAB Simulink can be also used for Image Processing and Computer Vision. We can use Simulink to gain insight into our image and video data, develop algorithms, and explore implementation tradeoffs.  With Simulink OpenCV, Python, and C/C++ can be used with interoperable APIs. The algorithms can be accelerated with the NVIDIA GPUs, cloud, and datacenter resources.

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