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What Is Nettime and How To Use Nettime?

Nettime is a simple time synchronization client for Windows 95/98/200/Vista/7/10 and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016 . It is very lightweight and uses very tiny system resource.


Here is some of main features and attributes of the Nettime application.

  • `Free` where we do not need to pay any price to install and use
  • `Open Source` where we can download the whole source code and make changes
  • `Small` where it needs very little system resource
  • `Reliable` where works without interrupt and error

Download Nettime

There are stable, alpha and testing versions of the nettime which can be downloaded from following links.

Version 3.14 – Stable


Version 3.20 – Alpha1


Version 3.20 – Alpha 3


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