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What Is Radio Frequency Identification or RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a technology used different areas of life. As we guess it uses radio technology in order to operate. RFID can be use d in;

  • Access control,
  • Advertising,
  • Promotion tracking,
  • Intelligent transportation systems,
  • Hose stations,
  • Public transport,
  • Passports,
  • Animal identicication,
  • Human identification,
  • Sport,
  • Barcode

We will look the concepts and terminology of the RFID technology in this tutorial.

How RFID Works

As stated before RFID is designed to use radio technology.. It is two step operation. The most popular concept is sending signals to the the RFID tags or labels and reads and interprets coming response.

RFID Reader

Readers send signals to the RFID labels and receives response signals from them. Response provides different type of data according to the application. there is two type of reader

Active Reader Passive Tag

In this type reader tag is passive. so Tag will limited capabilities. Tag will only response to the readers request.

Active Reader Active Tag

This type of reader label is active. so tag will have more capabilities than passive tag. Tag will send requests to the readers.

RFID Label or RFID Tag

Labels or tags provides data with response. As stated in the reader part some tags are active and create response like a reader but this is expensive and more complex solution to implement. Common usage is passive tags just embedding application logic in a simple way into tag.

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