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What Is Root?

root or Root is a term used to define different things like a Linux user account, Linux directory or an Android devices operation. In this tutorial, we will explain these different root term usage.

Linux Root User (Administrator)

Linux is a user account which comes as builtin for all Linux distributions. the root account is a special account except being builtin where it is an administrative level. The root account is also named as a superuser too. the root account can add, remove, update users and packages and make system-wide configuration without a restriction. Also, the root account home directory is different than other accounts that are located as “/root” in order to prevent regular access or accidental permission to access.

Linux Root Directory

Linux root is used to describe the highest directory level in the linux file systems which is “/” all other directories are located under this root level directory as its name suggest the root. For example the user home directories are located under the root directory with the name of “home”. The devices are located under the linux root directory with the name of “/dev”.

The root directory can be navigated with the following cd command example and the representaion of the root “/” directory.

$ cd /

Android Device Root

Android is the most popular smartphone and embedded device operating system. Android is created by Google and maintained by it in a protected manner. By default, there is no way and permission in order to modify the Android operating system officially. But there is a trick or hack which is called root or “Rooting Android”. This method is simply modifying the boot of the Android device and loading unrestricted software which can be used to install modified Android operating systems or different operating systems.

Android Device Root

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