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What Is SOA (Start Of Authority) Record and How To List?

wWDNS system provides different types of information about the domains. SOA or Start Of Authority is one type of information which provides domain and domain server related information. In this tutorial we will examine SOA record and related information.

Query SOA Of A Domain

We will start simply querying Domain Name SOA records withnslookup . This will list some information about the domain those will be explained below. The domain in this example is poftut.com

$ nslookup  
> set type=soa 
> poftut.com
Query SOA Of A Domain
Query SOA Of A Domain

Domain Origin

Domain origin specifies the Name Server of the domain. As we can see from this output origin is ns1.linode.com which is the first DNS server of the poftut.com .

Domain Mail Address

Each domain registered for a person or company. In this case a person. Domain Mail Address will provide information about the mail address of the Domain Name owner.

Domain Serial

Domain Serial is a unique value refer to the domain name. Each domain name have different Domain Serial than others. This is generally the date of the domain name assigned to the domain name server.

Domain Refresh

Domain Refresh Interval specifies the time where the domain refresh will be active. In this case 14400 which is in seconds. This is equal to 240 minutes or 4 hours.


This value will specify the time interval before a failed refresh should be retried. Recommended value in this case is 7200 .


Expire is the time interval the upper limit on the time internal that can elapse before the zone is no longer authoritative.


minimum specifies time requires to be set the zone will be no longer authoritative.

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Keep in mind that these values are set by DNS server administrator an can not be changed by users or customers.

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