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What Is Space (Whitespace) Character ASCII Code?

In computing the whitespace character is used to express that represents horizontal and vertical single character space which is empty. The whitespace is called as space in short. The white comes from that the space is not filled any color or any pattern. Most of the computer physical and software keyboards provides the space character.

Space (Whitespace) Character ASCII Code

ASCII characters are separated into different categories called Control Characters, Printable Characters, Extended Characters, etc. As it can be printed the whitespace or space character is categorized as printable characters. The ASCII code of the space is 32 which has the symbol U+0020. The space character also expressed as a binary value 0010 0000.

Space or Whitespace or Blank space

As stated previously the space character has alternative names in ASCII terminology. Sometimes is called space other times whitespace even blank space. All of them are true and point to the same character which is a single character emptiness.

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