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What Is Subdomain?

Subdomain is a term used in the internet area in order to describe the children of a domain. A subdomain is a popular technology where domains can be extended with sub-sections. Subdomains provide different use cases and advantages.

Subdomain Use Cases

Subdomains provide different use cases and advantages. Below we will list some popular use cases of the subdomain.

Staging Site: Subdomains are a good way to create testing or staging site in order to make some tests without creating different domains. This is useful where the domain SSL certificate can be used for subdomain too.

Online eCommerce: eCommerce is another popular use case where the same domain will be used for different eCommerce applications. As the eCommerce applications are complex this will not hurt the website by using the same domain with different subdomains.

SEO: Domain authority is important for SEO and using the same domain with different subdomains and contents will make the domain more powerful and increase the authority score by summing its different subdomains.

Different Applications: A company may have a web site and different web applications. In order to make all of these to work together, subdomains are very useful in a single domain and brand for multiple web sites and web applications.

Different Language: Even it is not so much popular domains can be used to provide different languages for the same website or application. Every language shortcode like “tr”, “de” can provide different languages for the same content.

Mobile Page: Subdomains also used to create mobile versions of the given domain web site or web applications. generally the m subdomain name is used for a mobile subdomain like “m.poftut.com”.

Multiple Web Sites: Even subdomains are used to create related web sites or web applications in some cases they can be used to create unrelated site creation for free. For example “wordpress.com” domain provides subdomains in order to create a WordPress website for free like “yourwebsite.wordpress.com”, “poftut.wordpress.com” etc.

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Subdomain Examples

Subdomains are very simple to create. Below we will show some subdomain examples related to the domain. We will also list some popular some domain names of the subdomain part.


Creating Subdomain

Subdomain creation is related to the domain where the domain provider is used to create a subdomain. In order to create a subdomain, the given domain should exist and own by us. Then the created domain should be related or bind with the domain.

Wildcard Subdomain

Wildcard subdomain is a catch-all subdomain where all created subdomain will point and redirect to the same site which is generally the domain. Wildcard subdomains are expressed and represented with “*.poftut.com”. For example, WordPress multisite installation will use the wildcard subdomain in order to manage different subdomains like different domains.

Subdomain Fee

Even subdomains can be used for different purposes, web sites, and web applications from the DNS point of view they are just children of the domain. Domains are registered for a fee and the usage of the domain name and subdomains are owned by the registering party. So there is no need to pay any subdomain fee for a single subdomain or multiple subdomains.

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