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What Is Syntax Error?

During the application development, we may cause syntax errors which will prevent applications to run or compile. Syntax errors are described as compile-time errors which are detected before compiling applications except for interpreted languages.

Syntax Error

The syntax is the form of the words specified by the programming language. Syntax errors occurred by using the programming language keyword form in an inappropriate way. For example, even the following syntax is true for the Java programming language.

The following example has a syntax error where the string Hello Poftut.com does not have double quotes where println() requires double-quotes.

Some Integrated Development Environments (IDE) provides

Syntax Error Types and Messages

Syntax errors have not well-defined types but we can list some of the popular below.

  • Incorrectly spelled statements
  • Incorrectly spelled variables
  • Incorrect end of lines like ; or EOL
  • Incorrectly used variables
  • Missing Quotes, brackets, etc.

Syntax Error In Java

Java programming language may have syntax errors. Here are some of them.

Syntax Error In PHP

PHP has also syntax errors like below.

Syntax Error In JavaScript

JavaScript syntax errors are like below.

echo '

JavaScript language has the SyntaxError object which is created as an exception and provides information about syntax errors.

  • SyntaxError.prototype.message provides the syntax error message
  • SyntaxError.prototype.name provides the name of the syntax error.
  • SyntaxError.prototype.fileName provides information about path of the syntax error.
  • SyntaxError.prototype.lineNumber provides the line number of the syntax error.
  • SyntaxError.prototype.columnNumber provides the column of the syntax error
  • SyntaxError.prototype.stack provides the stack of the syntax error.
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