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What Is tr?

tr is a popular term used in computing domains. In this tutorial, we will provide the tr term use cases in different programming languages, operating systems, domain names, etc.

HTML <tr> Tag

HTML or Hypertext Markup Language provides a lot of tags in order to create HTML document or web pages. <tr> is a tag used to create rows in a table. The <tr> tag is used inside the <table> tags as a child tag. The <tr> tag is the short form of the Table Row .

Linux tr Command

Linux provides the tr command which is used to translated characters inside a document. The tr command mostly used to translate backspace, form feed, newline, carriage return, tab characters in documents.

.tr Domain Suffix

Internet consist of domains that are used to provide different resources to internet users. Domain names are used to provide web pages, services, etc. Domains are created under the countries domain suffix for different countries. .tr is the domain suffix for Turkey and this suffix is managed by Turkey domain authorities.

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