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What Is Ubuntu LTS and What is Difference From Regular Ubuntu Releases?

Ubuntu distributions are released at given time intervals. Every release has a code name that is related to an animal name. We can think that every Ubuntu release is the same but it’s not. Some releases are named as Long Term Support or LTS where they are supported much longer than other releases. In this tutorial, we will learn what is LTS and which make it different from other releases.

Long Term Support (LTS)

As stated previously and the name suggests LTS is Long Term Support where the packages provided with the LTS release will be supported longer time. Normally an Ubuntu release is supported up to the next release where Ubuntu is released every 6 months. This can be a big problem for stability and sustainability because every upgrade to the next release can create different problems. LTS is used to make the upgrade cycle longer and less problematic. Enterprises generally use LTS versions which are generally supported for 5 years.

Below we can see all versions and LTS of the Ubuntu distribution. Information about the Code name,Relase Date,End of Standard Sport and End of Life information about each release and LTS versions are provided.

Long Term Support (LTS)
Long Term Support (LTS)

What Is Provided with Ubuntu LTS?

Below you can find some facts about the Ubuntu LTS versions.

  • Ubuntu LTS is provided without a fee.
  • Ubuntu LTS mainly provides security and bug updates about the provided packages.
  • Every new LTS version is released once in two years.
  • LTS can be upgraded into new Ubuntu releases or LTS releases easily without any extra effort.
  • Different Ubuntu flavours like Kubuntu, Xubuntu may or may not provide LTS versions.
  • Ubuntu LTS is more enterprise-focused to provide stability and long term usage and support.
  • Ubuntu LTS support specially provides support for new hardware and drivers.
  • Ubuntu LTS is more and strictly tested against errors, bugs, vulnerabilities.
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LTS Minor Updates

As Ubuntu LTS versions are released and supported for a long time they need some updates about installation media or ISO. For example, Ubuntu 18.04 is an LTS version where is released in April 2018. It will be supported until April 2023 and extended support will end in April 2028. During the time the updates grow and become very large so some updates are needed to be added into the installation images like ISO. So these minor LTS updates will have a minor version number like Ubuntu LTS 18.04.1 where 1 is the minor LTS version number but 18.04 is major LTS version number.

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