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What Is VRAM(Video Random Access Memory)?

VRAM or Video Random Access Memory or Video RAM is a special RAM type that is used by GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) or VGA. VGA or with its new term GPU is used to do graphic and display based works for a computer system. VRAM is used to store the data or information in a volatile manner for fast access and update.

VRAM stores all information the GPU needs like game textures, lighting effects, operating system desktop GUI information, CAD and Design software graphics. VRAM is created for high-intensity operations in order to work as a dedicated memory area.

VRAM Size Graphic and Game Performance Effect

As today games and graphics are very complex and providing the real-world experience they require to store a lot of information about this experience. VRAM is used to store this information and then more VRAM size will make the graphics and game experience better and faster. Generally, a VRAM size 1 GB is required for a standard user for a good experience and performance.

Check VRAM Size

We can check the VRAM size for Windows 10 operating system via Windows Settings screen. We will open the Windows Settings screen with the WIN+I keyboard shortcut or via using the Start Menu and typing “Windows Settings”. We see the following screen where we will click to the System like below.

Windows 10 Windows Settings Screen

We will see the following screen where we will loop to the Display settings which are shown by default. Then we will click to the Advanced display settings link depicted below.

Windows Display Settings

In the Advanced display settings screen, we will click to the Display adapter properties for Display 1. But we can select different display or monitor if we have which is the same.

Windows 10 Advanced Display Settings

Int he following screen the VRAM and graphics memory information will be shown.

Windows 10 GPU and GRaphics VRAM Size

As shown there are different types of memory information.

Total Available Graphics Memory is total memory size for the graphic operations which is also called graphics memory.

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Dedicated Video Memory is the VRAM memory which also provides the size of the VRAM memory.

Shared System Memory is the system memory or RAM which is shared for the graphic operations.

Change, Increase or Decrease VRAM Size

VRAM size can be changed or increased or decreased via BIOS. So as a first step the BIOS should be opened via different keys like F2 , F5 , F8 , Del or a special button the laptop case. From the BIOS a menu related to graphic and memory selected which can be named like Graphics Settings , Video Settings , VGA Share Memory Size . Then the user will be provided by a list of memory sizes that will be used as VRAM. These pre-defined sizes are 32, 64, 128, 256, 512 MB.

Set VRAM Size From BIOS

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