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What Is Website and Its Definition?

A website is a set of web pages that are created to represent some information on a single site. In order to understand and describe the Website’s meaning, we should understand the Web and site words. In this tutorial, we will learn the definition of the website with web page, website types, website creation and owning a web site.

What Is A Website?

The web site contains multiple web pages that are created to provide information, service or some resources to the visitors. Websites are the most popular part of the web or internet. As we known website word consists of web and site words. This word provides the meaning of the website.

What Is Web?

The web is used to describe the world wide web in the short term. World wide web also expressed as www. Web or world wide web is also called as the most popular word internet. The Internet provides access to all systems over the world which are connected to the internet electronically. The systems can be a smartphone, laptop, server, workstation, etc.

What Is the Webpage?

A web page is a bunch of HTML, CSS and Javascript code to provide some information or data to the visitor. This information can be represented in different ways like text, image, video, table, animation, etc. A web site can contain single or multiple pages for a specific purpose or application.

Web Site Address or URL

Website are addressed with unique names which are similar to the domain names. Web sites actually www subdomain of a specific domain. For example www.poftut.com is the web site of the poftut.com domain.  The web site is addressed with the term URL like www.poftut.com. But using www is a general behavior which is accepted as defacto usage where different names like myweb.poftut.com or thisiswebsite.poftut.com can be also used.

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Web Site Types

There is no restriction about the web site content, aim or type exception legal issues. Here we will provide some popular web site types.

  • `Blog` is one of the most popular web site types where people share their knowledge, experience or feelings individually. They are generally personal and related to business or non-business topics. Also, some companies create blogs about their products or work area.
  • `E-commerce` or`Online Shops` are used to buy, sell or simply trade different commodities like service or products. This type of site makes money transactions that require them very secure.
  • `News` is another popular web site type where they provide news in general of specific topics.
  • `Forum` type is used to discuss different topics in a web site which is named as forum site. Every question or topic will have a web page that can be grown with incoming comments from the users.
  • `Search Engine` is a special type of website where some companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo provides a search box to search the web or websites on the internet.
  • `Social Media` is another popular and interactive website where people around the world will connect each other and shares their pictures, experiences, etc and comment on them.
  • `Government` is web sites related to the governments over the world. They have a special top-level domain like `.gov`,`gov.uk` , `gov.tr` etc.
  • `Archive` is a web site where some old stuff like a song, images, video, software are provided.
  • `Corporate or Business` sites are used to inform customers about the corporate its products.
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How To Create A Web Site?

A web site can be created in different ways as creating web sites are very popular. In general, the created web site will contain HTML, CSS, Javascript, Image, Video, Documents, etc. Here some ways to create a web page.

  • `Coding` is the technical way to create a web site from scratch where every aspect of the web site is created step by step. This can be long and error-prone but can be beneficial for performance and SEO issues.
  • `CMS` is the easy way even without understanding coding, HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc where the web site is provided and edited with software and simple GUI like WordPress, etc.
  • `Code Editor` is similar to the coding but it can provide some easy to use component for the site without coding all parts.
  • `Provider` is the way where we will get the website as a service from a service provider. The provider will provide the login credentials to us where we will start using the site.
  • `Web Site Design Firm` will provide us without a  login credential and all technical and nontechnical tasks will be done by the web site design firm.

How Can Own A Web Site?

In general, everyone can own a web site even you. Even a single person can be own multiple web sites. But there are costs related to own a web site. But this cost can change according to ownership of the web site like Web Site Design Firm, Provider, CMS, etc. Here we list how to own a web site if we will use CMS.

  • `Domain Name` is the first part where we will get a unique domain name in order to set a website URL.
  • `Web Server` is the application that runs the web site codes and responds to the user request. There are different ways but we can get web hosting to put website code which is a CMS in this example.
  • We will redirect the web site address to the webserver.
  • Install the CMS to the web hosting.
  • Now we have a web site where we can put different contents.
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How Many Web Sites Are On the Web/Internet?

There is no exact number about the web sites on this internet because of the chaos of the internet but there are some estimations about the web site count on the internet. It is expected that between 1.4 and 1.9 web sites currently registered on the web but most of them are not active.

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