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Who Invented The Internet?

The Internet is the most popular technology term known by billions of people around the world. What makes is the most popular is its usage, access range, abilities, and new opportunities. Internet the core of everyday life like a government, bank, etc. But who invented the internet?

What Is Internet?

Before answering our questions we should define what is the internet? Internet is a network where users can access other users and services around the world via computers. The long history and lots of use cases make the internet very complex. The Internet provides a lot of different services from web browsing to banking, instant messaging to e-commerce. A lot of real-world processes are integrated into the internet.

The History Of Internet

Even internet history provides a lot of details we will talk about some important points of the internet history. First workable internet is create by the US Department of Defence with the name of Advanced Research Projects Agency Network simply ARPANET. As the name suggest ARPANET is created with the aim of research. The computers connected to ARPANET can communicate and share resource each other without any physical location restriction. The first message and communication in ARPANET is occured between UCLA and Stanford Univercities. The message was LOGIN but only two letters are received and the ARPANET crached.

What transformed ARPANET in a real global network is the creation of the TCP/IP communication model and protocols that are created by Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf. TCP/IP is created end of the 1970s and integrated into the ARPANET in 1983. This turned ARPANET a real worldwide network called internet.

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Internet vs WWW (World Wide Web)

We have learned what is the internet and how it invented. But what about the web or world wide web or www. WWW is not the internet. World wide web is a group of protocols used to create web sites, web pages, and web applications with web servers and client applications named web browser. We can say that the web is not the internet but works with the help of the internet by using the internet.

Who Invented The Internet?

Internet is a huge network which contains a alot of different protocols, inventions, products services etc. So who invented internet exact question will be no single man. There are a lot of different contributers to the creation of the internet. But TCP/IP is the heart of the internet and without TCP/IP protocol internet will not work. So TCP/IP creators Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn are called as the creators of the internet.

TCP/IP and Internet Inventors Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn

We can also say Tim Berners Lee the inventor of the Web which made the internet more and more popular with a huge population.

Web/WWW Inventor Tim Berners Lee

Important Internet Protocols

Internet consist of a bunch of network protocols. Here are some of the popular of them:

  • IP
  • Ehternet/MAC
  • HTTP/S
  • DNS
  • NTP
  • Wi-Fi

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