Windows Performance Recorder (wpr) Command Tutorial with Examples To Record Performance Metrics


Performance is important factor for server management. In Windows family operating system we can use wpr tool to save and monitor performance metrics. wpr means Windows Performance Reporting. This tools can save the specified topic performance metrics.


The syntax of wpr command is like below.

List Performance Profiles

A regular server consist of different hardware and operating system components. We can get report about these components by specifying their metric.There are different type of performance profiles those have get metrics of specific components. We can list those profiles with -profiles option.

List Performance Profiles

List Performance Profiles

Start Performance Recording

In order to get performance information we should start a profile. This will save performance metrics of given profile. We will use -start option. In this example we will start recording of Network performance metrics.

Stop Performance Recording

In order to analyse metrics we should stop and save the recorded metrics. We can use -stop to stop and save recorded metrics. In this example we stop NETWORK profile metrics.

Cancel Performance Recording

If we do not need currently running profile metrics we should simply cancel it. We will use -cancel option. In this example we cancel the recording of NETWORK profile.

Status Performance Recording

We can not run multiple recording of same profile. We can check given profile recording status whether it is running or not with -status option. In this example we check the status of NETWORK profile.

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List Profile Details

If we want to get more information about the profiles what kind of metrics they will record we can use -profiledetails option. In this example we will get profile details of NETWORK profile.

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