Winmerge Tutorial With Examples To Visual Patch, Diff, Merge


Linux operating system have different tools to find diff and create patches. Windows operating system do not provide any builtin tool for these operations. But there is a 3 party application which can be used easily and freely called Winmerge.

Download and Installation

The winmerge tool can be downloaded from following link.

After download is completed the installation can be done with Next-Next style.

Compare Two Files

One of the most used function of the winmerge is comparing two files. We can compare two files with the Open button which is in tool bar like below.

Now we will select the two files those will be compared with each other. In this example file names are user.txt and users_new.txt . The can can be same if the location is different for both files.


Then we click OK and following screen will appear. This screen show different lines in yellow color for both files. There is also an visual navigator which shows location of the different files in a straight bar.

Compare Folders

We can also compare folders too. This will create files and folder names which do not exist other input.

Include Sub Folder

By default only given right and left value folders will be compared. But we can enable to sub files and folders to compare and diff with the Include Subfolders option like below.

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